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I tried rooting for the Colts for half a season and I’m already done. The blatant lack of regard for the longevity of their star player is mind boggling. As discussed in Why Andrew luck shouldn’t start in Week 9  the man simply needed to be rested. With a bye in week 10, a shite division, and a very favourable schedule down the stretch, this team could have cruised into the playoffs with a relatively fresh QB AND a team in a rhythm. Instead, after taking a number of healthy hits, including a particularly brutal one early in the fourth quarter, they can now add “lacerated kidney” to their list of injuries (or not. Depends on what they want to hide this week). Most analysts are describing this as hard luck and bad timing. The team is now “forced” to make a QB change just when things were looking up again. Am I the only one who saw this coming?? He’s been hurt all season and his only protection should not be provided by the rather inconsistent offensive line in front of him. The Colts need a serious lesson in roster management and season planning if they ever want to make a convincing run at a Super Bowl appearance.

Verdict: Everyone gets what they deserve. Except Andrew Luck.