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During one minute early in the first period of a game against Washington Tuesday night, the Detroit Red Wings found themselves the victims of three missed calls. One of these was a possible too many men on the ice penalty against Washington. Another was a Brooks Orpik high stick into the face of Wings trophy rookie Dylan Larkin. The final straw in that series of events was yet another NHL video review of a possible goal.

The positive thing about video review: it’s a chance to make sure they get it right. The negative thing is sometimes there’s a grey area where the puck is so close to the line it’s hard to tell if there’s any white ice between them. Other times the puck is caught up in equipment and the equipment goes in the net but there’s no way to conclusively tell where the puck is. You know it’s in but you can’t officially see it. Those are tough and it is what it is, but this Detroit goal wasn’t. The puck can clearly be seen well past the goal line. The goalie’s glove reaches well back into the net to pull the puck out. Yet after a lengthy review, the video evidence was deemed inconclusive. With no goalie interference to get mixed up in, no equipment fully blocking the view of the puck, and with the puck that far into the net, there should be no way to get it wrong but somehow in this case they did. Thankfully Detroit walked away with the only goal of the game and a 1-0 win.
Verdict: Hockey Gods 1: video review 0.