In Thursday’s game vs. the Ottawa Senators the Vancouver Canucks found themselves in a 1-1 tie early in the second period. Ottawa went in to the game looking for two points to equal the Canucks 19 total points after the first 16 games of the season to put the two teams in a tie for nothing in particular as they aren’t even in the same conference, let alone the same division. With all of this on the line, did the home team almost get robbed of a power play?

Ottawa hemmed Vancouver into its own end and was applying relentless pressure. The puck wound up on the stick of Kyle Turris just above the goal line, and he threw the puck across the slot to a pinching Eric Karlsson at the back door. At this moment you can clearly see 4 Canucks players in the lower face off circle. As the pass slides across it certainly appears as though the skate of number 47, Sven Baertschi, comes in contact with the red paint, which would place all FIVE Canucks players in the face off circle at once. If that is in fact true, the Canucks should have been penalized for having too many men in the same face off circle in the defensive zone.

As it turned out, the Senators took matters into their own hands and penalized Vancouver with the go ahead goal, but it does beg the question: should sensor technology be embedded into all red lines on the ice in every NHL rink to prevent this type of thing from consistently going unpunished in the future?

Verdict: too many men in the same face off circle and when you do that, you’re minus 1.