Jonathan Quick of the Los Angeles Kings has a habit of stealing goals from the Edmonton Oilers. Connor McDavid certainly had a goal taken away from him earlier in the season after Quick had the presence of mind to reach back with his glove and block net cam from definitely seeing the puck long enough to sweep it out of the net. The Kings held on in that one for a 3-2 win. Tonight with the Kings jumping out to a 1-0 early lead at home, the Oilers had rebounded with several good shifts in a row resulting in Yakupov taking advantage of a turnover to head to the net with speed. Some soft hands and a friendly bounce led to three solid whacks at the puck within a foot of the net. Quick was laying down on the ice but still was able to hold his pad firmly on the line and use his glove hand to support. After the smoke clears you can see his pad ends up inches behind the line where the puck could possibly have ended up but again his glove hand spoils the net cam view. It’s almost impossible to tell where the puck is and to be perfectly honest in don’t think the puck ever crosses the line. What makes this play even need a review at all is the compete level of Jonathan Quick. No one would have blamed him if he couldn’t hold his extended leg in place with a strong Yakupov pounding away on it. What should have been a goal that was being reviewed on the slim possibility the goalie made a save was actually a pretty definite save that was reviewed more so because after the first rebound everyone expected a goal and wanted to understand how it didn’t happen.

Verdict: Never give up and you’ll be rewarded most of the time