As a Patriots fan I have a confession to make (and being a Patriots fan wasn’t the confession). Years ago I used to commute and I remember scanning around the radio and picking up a random AM station based out of New York. It gave Rangers, Knicks, and Giants game feeds, news, and a call in-radio show. The Giants talk at that time was how Eli Manning was NOT the guy to turn the team’s fortunes around. I had watched a few games and really didn’t mind him, and the more I listened to the calls the more I was getting behind him and hoping he’d win people over. Two Super Bowls later I don’t mind saying there’s not one part of me hoping for Eli anymore. He’s done what he needed to do, and now my only hope for him is that he goes away quietly.
The 5-4 Giants have their turn to do what no one else has this season: beat the Patriots. I’m anticipating a victory for the Pats by a 2 possession score, but nothing would surprise me.
I think what I would be most disappointed in with a Patriots loss is not getting my weekly Top 10 list on ways the Patriots cheated to win this game.
If you haven’t read these yet they are definitely worth the time. Here is the one from the Buffalo game as an example.
Enjoy the lists and hopefully we all enjoy the game!