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Just four short days ago, Ronda Rousey got pasted for the first time in her MMA career. Since then, I think more people have given their opinion on this topic than the debate on immigration and the popularity of the man-bun combined.  With all the chatter, I’ve only seen two reactions: 1)intense taunting and shaming via Facebook memes and jokes (including a beauty featuring Eli Manning and something about losing by a kick); 2)outpourings of ludicrous shows of support from Floyd Mayweather offering boxing lessons to a giant white balloon with the words Save Ferris (I mean Ronda).

Can anyone out there just take this for what it is?  Sure, there’s a history. Rousey had a career MMA record of 12-0 heading into this fight. Since 2011 she’s been schooling anyone and everyone in short order.  She’d already successfully defended the bantamweight championship 6 times running.  The woman turned the sport on its head and made fans out of people who couldn’t even swat a fly simply by being so unearthly dominant.  But that’s what this is all about really.  She was unearthly. That’s what makes what she’s done so special is that it happens so rarely.  Basically going into any fight you would hope she kept her undefeated streak going just because it’s a magical ride, but the bottom line is she was simply due for this to happen.  Nobody wanted to see it happen (except Holly Holm) but the overreaction on either side is totally overblown.  She doesn’t need the universe to take her under its collective wing. She’ll be fine.  She also doesn’t deserve to be kicked into the ground either as if everything she ever accomplished was suddenly erased by one loss. I mean, if the Golden State Warriors ever lose this season is the original men’s USA Olympic Basketball Dream Team going to offer a year’s worth of private lessons? I doubt it. Let her keep her dignity.  Also, she’s not done. Her record is still 12-1 and I would imagine she’ll still be considered the favorite in most future fights. So any of those hatred or shaming type comments are completely uncalled for.

Speaking of Holly Holm, it’s a shame that I had to google “Ronda Rousey loses” just to find out what her name is.  Let’s talk about her though.  I found out she’s been boxing since 2002 and has a career record of 33-2-3.  That’s pretty dominant isn’t it? But MMA is a different beast you say.  Yes, it is. Since the start of her own 2011 MMA career Holly Holm is a mere 10-0. Yes, Ronda Rousey fights haven’t been exactly close, but only 3 of her fights were won via TKO or KO. Granted, the other 8 were won by submission, but compare that to Holm’s impressive 7 TKOs/KO’s. Yes, most of my knowledge of KO’s and TKO’s comes from Mike Tyson’s Punch Out and the last MMA fight I’ve ever watched featured a guy named Hoyce Gracie, but the point is Holly Holm didn’t upset Ronda Rousey as far as the fight goes.  She upset all the Ronda Rousey fans who didn’t want the ride to end.

Verdict: She lost. Move past it and stop cluttering my newsfeed.