New England Patriots receiver, Danny Amendola had a touchdown taken away from him Monday Night. With Brady flushed out of the pocket, Amendola made a couple of fantastic one on one moves before deftly exploding himself into the Bills secondary with absolutely no one between him and the end zone. While on the run, Brady bought his receivers as much time as possible before recognizing Amendola’s thoughts and floating the ball into his hands. Wrongly thinking Amendola stepped out of bounds, an official blew the play dead before he could start his run in for the easy touchdown. It was a horrible call and cost the Patriots very important points as the score was 10-3 Patriots at the time. The football Gods kind of made up for it by allowing Rex Ryan to be flagged for interference with an official. This shouldn’t have been called because the official blew the whistle prior to Amendola catching the football. The play should have been a do over. Instead, the Patriots were wrongly awarded the ball at the point the catch was made AND the Bills were tagged with an extra 15 yards. Somehow the refs also made up for this on the last play of the game. Buffalo had no time outs but still had a little life left in them as they slowly moved the ball up the field in the last minute, searching for the game tying touchdown. Bills receiver, Sammy Watkins caught a pass on the 48 yard line and then smartly rolled himself out of bounds, giving the Bills what should have been one last play. As it happens, all things equaled out as the referee ruled that Watkins landed in bounds and kept the clock running, ending the game. While Watkins clearly was in bounds when he hit he ground, no one touched him.

Verdict: Both teams got screwed on the same play and thoughout the game here and there, but don’t tell anyone a Patriots fan said that. I don’t want to have people hate us any less.