Indianapolis Colts back up quarterback Matt Hasselbeck and a hideous AFC South are the only two things stopping the Colts from self destructing. After a very sluggish and disorganized 0-2 start to the year, Andrew Luck managed to barely eek out a two point win against the now 2-9 Tennessee Titans, but the only thing that really stopped the bleeding was Luck getting injured. In weeks 4 and 5 the calm and experienced Matt Hasselbeck quietly went 2-0 with no interceptions to push the Colts to the top of the division. As mentioned in Why Andrew Luck Shouldn’t Start In Week 9, the Colts organization forced Luck back into the lineup against the undefeated powerhouse New England Patriots. While Luck played better, the chaos and uncertainty on the part of the entire organization in key moments of that game made it clear they aren’t quite ready to play with the big boys. Three consecutive losses and the team found themselves in a 3-5 downward spiral heading home to take on the 7-0 Broncos. 1-5 with Luck, 2-0 with Hasselbeck. Reports were coming in everywhere of Luck’s injuries and scandal was emerging of falsified reports on the subject. There was drama and panic like a deer caught in the headlights, but instead of hauling their franchise player out of incoming traffic they literally left him to be slaughtered. Andrew Luck the talented competitor had the game of his life and pulled out the win, but the Indianapolis Colts as a franchise just weren’t ready to follow him. After taking multiple massive hits he is in the middle of a projected 4-6 week recovery from a kidney injury. Being “forced” to rely on Hasselbeck has again been the saving grace. Where the Colts have done everything they can to repeatedly mishandle Luck’s career and make the wrong choices, fate has intervened yet again and forced them to make the right one. After the desperately needed bye week Hasselbeck settled everyone down and has rattled off two more wins to remain perfect on the year heading into a division heavy schedule. They say that the third time’s the charm, and they’ve been gift wrapped a third opportunity to not rush poor Andrew Luck back for no reason. Only an idiot would deny Hasselbeck the opportunity to ride this year through and give Luck the time he needs to be ready.