Everyone is more than aware of the current offensive problems of the New England Patriots. After starting 10-0 they’ve suffered two very frustrating, very uncharacteristic losses to fall to 10-2. The Patriots always find themselves under scrutiny and any scuff on the armour is well publicized at the best of times. After being severely hit with the injury bug, Tom Brady has found his offensive options limited and here we are in the worst of times in the eyes of many. We hear the names repeated over and over again: Edelman, Gronkowski, Chandler, Amendola, Williams, Lewis, Hightower. That is a massive hole in the starting core and it’s prompted a lot of rumours and suggestions. The great Terrell Owens has even graciously offered his services to help save the Patriots.
Here’s the thing. I don’t think the Patriots need saving. Everyone keep saying they need receivers. But All these players they remind us are unavailable are just that. Currently unavailable. They’re not dead. The Patriots still have the best roster in the league and most of it will be back soon. But the Patriots are in such a slide you say. By the time all of them come back it might be too late you say. Too late for what? They’re 10-2! If an OT loss and a special teams/2 INT disaster where 28 points were still scored in a one possession loss is considered a panic inducing slide, I’d take that any day.
The question shouldn’t be do they pick up any new receivers. I can’t believe that’s even being talked about. The Patriots can actually afford to sit these guys out a little longer just to be sure they’re fully ready for the grinding road to a Super Bowl appearance.
This is a veteran team with well established roles and a clear understanding of each other. They should be going about business as quietly as is possible for a Patriot team. The last thing they need is a “look at me” distraction causing experimental comeback receiver.