Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks is having a fantastic NHL campaign. Tonight he had Chicago’s lone goal to extend his point scoring streak to 24 games, making it the 12th longest in history. But was there goaltender interference on the play?

The puck ended up underneath Nashville goaltender Pekka Renne, who all but had it covered well inside the crease. That’s when Blackhawk forward Marcus Kruger’s stick appeared to shove Renne backward and off the puck, allowing the opportunistic Kane the easy tap in to keep the streak alive.

Kruger was making a play at the puck but from what I see he never made contact. If he had, the puck would have slid over to Kane. Instead he steered Renne out of position and off the puck where it sat still. Kane had to pull the puck toward himself before getting the shot. The fact that Kruger wasn’t given an assist on the play shows that no one else felt he touched the puck either, so in “jamming the puck loose” and preventing it from being covered, all he actually did was remove the goalie from the play. This should have been goaltender interference, yet even though the play was reviewed the call on the ice was upheld.