There’s quite a buzz around the NBA this season for several reasons but obviously the focus of the year so far has been on Golden State and “the streak”. After a roller coaster double OT squeaker last night in Boston against the Celtics, the Warriors sit 24-0, 28-0 going back to last year’s regular season. This amazing run has brought new attention to the NBA and it couldn’t be working out better. Here’s why:

1)The Class Of The Golden State Players – In a sport designed specifically for show boating and flamboyance, the Warriors players are showing a dignity that’s changing the perception of basketball to the casual fan. They haven’t intentionally run up the score on anyone. They haven’t embarrassed anyone. They haven’t been arrogant in interviews. They’ve just won and moved on. It’s fantastic. Usually at times like this haters that didn’t even know they hated start hating because everyone hates a winner, but nobody’s hating.

2)Attention for teams nobody cared about before

Who knew the NBA had 30 teams? As a casual fan I thought there was only 6 teams because that’s all that get talked about. The Pelicans? When did that happen? Portland still has a team? Now I know, all because I’ve been checking the Warriors schedule every now and again.

3)An appreciation of the game as a team sport

The Warriors have an obvious superstar in Steph Curry, but they’ve had to win in a lot of different ways. One night it’s a burst of three pointers, one night it’s consistency on the free throw line, and the next it’s a passing display. I get that these were always components of the sport and to win more games than lose you need to have more than one thing clicking, but they seem to have everything going all at once. You get the feeling everyone on that sideline feels not like they’re just a part of what’s going on, but that they’re a directly contributing factor. Maybe more religious fans find it different but for me usually if I don’t like a team’s star then I don’t like that team because that’s all they’ve got. It’s been a while since a team had an identity other than one or two big players. I’m finding it fun to watch because I’m not just watching one or two players do the same thing over and over. I’m consistently seeing everything the sport has to offer in one sitting. Much like I only used to watch New England Patriots games and then grew a love of football so that I can enjoy watching any game, the Warriors are making me want to watch other games to see the styles other teams bring.

All in all winning teams have come and gone and with them so has my interest in basketball. The way this Golden State team has done things I might actually watch other games long after they lose.