Jordan Nolan of the Los Angeles Kings should find himself a little thinner in the wallet in the next day or two. After a brief altercation with Evgeni Malkin, Nolan was steered away by a linesman. This wasn’t an overly heated exchange with Malkin and Nolan seemed in pretty good emotional control, yet for some reason or other he pushed at the linesman with his right hand in what looked like a “how come you’re grabbing me and not him” motion. The linesman I thought did a great job of stepping in and lightly guiding Nolan. Even better, he did a nice job of not over reacting to the unprovoked and uncalled for push off.  While there was never any real harm going to come from this gesture by Nolan, it’s just something you don’t do. This is a case where a nice return slap to the pocketbook should get the message across that the NHL will be watching him a little more closely in the future.