The Carolina Panthers had a convincing 38-0 shutout victory this afternoon. They remain undefeated at 13-0 which is incredibly difficult, and they did so holding a team to zero points, also incredibly difficult. Even so, all anyone can talk about is whether the New England Patriots can possibly end their shocking two game losing streak. Even though MVP candidate Cam Newton went 15/21 for 265 yards and three more TD passes, all anyone wants to know is how many passes from MVP candidate Tom Brady will be dropped. For every person that was excited about this afternoon’s game to see if the Panthers could win yet again there are probably 9 people that have waited all day to see if the Patriots could lose yet again.

I’m sure if you asked anyone right now they could tell you the exact day the Patriots last lost three in a row, but maybe we should be reading about when the last time Carolina won 13. If people really want Cam Newton to be the MVP then how about they start talking about why the think he is the best player this season instead of ranting about why Tom Brady isn’t?
NFL history could be in the making. Try not to miss it.