The U-M Gophers defeated the Wolverines of Michigan in ice hockey last night to snap Michigan’s 6 game unbeaten streak. I watched the last four minutes of the game and Minnesota did just about everything they could to let Michigan tie the game other than score on their own net. Almost every whistle in the last few minutes was because of a Minnesota icing. What was worse was the announcers were encouraging it, saying why not take a chance? If you score, you win. Meanwhile the very good reason against that strategy was being played out over and over again before their eyes. If you ice the puck you can’t change. It’s that simple. A tired group trying to defend against a desperate team on a face off in the defensive zone is not a risk you should take on such a low percentage scoring attempt, especially 7 times! Yes, if you score it’s over but if you miss it only gives the other team more hope and opportunity.
Verdict: Don’t be selfish. Fight your way to the red line first or you’ll end up like this: