James Neal may be having a conversation with the NHL Department of Player Safety after Mark Giordano hit him in the shoulder with his head. The bottom line remains that when you have the puck you should expect to be hit. Especially if you do a cute between the legs move with your head straight down. Yes Neal put himself on roughly the same path as Giordano. Why wouldn’t he? I guess it wasn’t fair that Neal didn’t yell heads up first. Otherwise Giordano might not have whipped his head around so hard into Neal’s shoulder. This was a “blindside” hit in that he snuck silently in out of the vision of Giordano, but the hit was full on from the front. The only trouble is he might push his shoulder into the hit a little and it was clearly shoulder to head. Who’s fault is that though? Giordano is staring down at the puck like it has the secret to life written on it, and his head clearly moves immediately before impact. I’m ok with the two minute minor issued on the ice and I’m not really sure why. Maybe for no other reason than it just looks like a hit that should be a penalty nowadays. Two minutes for the vibe of the hit. Maybe it’s because Neal has a reputation. This is where you might hit him with a small fine just to let him know you’re watching him. But that’s it.