Senator Curtis Lazar is the latest NHL player to be hit in the slot with the puck on or near his stick. Tom Wilson of the Washington Capitals was issued a match penalty which comes with an automatic review by the Department of Player Safety. There is one thing they’re going to be looking for and that is contact with the head. Was there or wasn’t there? I again ask, who cares? The questions should be did Wilson lunge? No. Did he jump? No. Did he get his elbow or stick up? No. Did he charge? Not even close. If anything, Wilson actually simply let Lazar run into him. The ONLY issue I have with this hit is that it’s to the numbers. The force of the contact is to the back of Lazar’s right shoulder. That’s it. His hip leads the check and only the momentum of Lazar himself makes the force of the hit as bad as it was.
With the Caps up 2-0 late in the third the call on the ice was extremely favourable to Ottawa. I can understand the call in fast motion and with the relentless pressure on the officials to crack down on blindside hits but there’s no need for further discipline in this case.
Verdict; Should have been maybe two minutes for interference. Let it rest.