The Dallas Stars had a 3-1 lead in the second period on home ice.  While on the power play they thought they added another, but it was immediately called off on what was ruled goaltender interference. As Stars forward Ales Hemsky fired the puck at the net, team mate The Jason Demers drove the net for the rebound. He tried to come to a stop at the top of the crease but mistimed it and had his feet in the crease. He was guided further afterward by Montreal defenceman Andrei Markov, but he had already established position inside the crease. Canadiens goaltender Mike Condon was clearly set well inside the crease and after making the original save was forced heavily backward into the net. There is no doubt in my mind this goal should have been called back because this player entered the crease on his own power and made contact with a goalie who was completely inside the blue paint, preventing him from making a save. However, Demers was also assessed a two minute penalty. There was no forward motion on the part of Demers or any intent to make excessive contact. He kept his arms to himself and kept his feet back. In that respect Markov did prevent Demers from controlling the extent of the velocity of impact. I think the two minute penalty was pretty harsh.  It didn’t matter much anyway as on the next shift playing 4 on 4 Jamie Benn basically erased Jeff Petry from the fabric of time before setting up Tyler Seguin for the 4th goal.


3 thoughts on “Dallas Stars Offer Example Of The Goalie Interference Paradigm

    1. I think that’s probably the best solution. He was in the crease on his own and didn’t get out in time before he affected the goalie’s ability to make the save. Because it was the offensive player’s choice to be in there when he had other options, that should negate the goal. However; he didn’t really do anything wrong in there. Nothing overly aggressive so no need to sit a guy for two minutes. What do you think?


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