Arizona Coyote Michael Stone was the latest casualty of the impossible hit to the head guidelines enforced by the NHL. In the first period of a game against the Toronto Maple Leafs Stone found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. As Toronto’s Nazem Kadri was skating around the net somebody blew on him, knocking him violently off stride. Kadri, now flopping around like a circus seal, all but ran into Michael Stone on his own. He even stuck his head down at the last second to make sure he nuzzled the shoulder pad. Naturally the onus should fall on Stone here to control the point of contact. What’s he doing that close to the seal pen anyway? So he’s sent to the box for two minutes for an “illegal” check to the head (not sure what a legal head check is). Horrible unfair call. If anything Kadri should be given two minutes for not hitting the gym even though he gets paid millions of dollars and has access to the world’s greatest facilities. Mere seconds after this nonsense, the Leafs went up 1-0 on the power play off a very impressive Van Riemsdyk wrister to the top shelf.
The hockey Gods were obviously not impressed because on the next shift the bounces fell to Arizona and Shane Doan was gifted two goals in the next 14 seconds to put Arizona on top 2-1.
Hockey Gods 1; NHL hit to the head policy no score.