Brad Marchand has made a statement regarding his hit on Ottawa defenceman Mark Borowiecki (which I talk about here).

“It was a simple play. I was trying to get to the puck carrier and I turned up ice, and (Borowiecki) was kind of standing there. I just turned up and tried to go after the puck carrier.”

The only possible defence of Borowiecki deserving any kind of contact is that he possibly interfered with Marchand in the seconds leading up to the hit. Most of his defenders have stated that, yet Marchand himself does not. Saying that the guy was just standing there doesn’t help his cause much. As for turning up the ice to innocently chase a puck carrier, I’ve turned up the ice quickly many times and I don’t think it helps much to crouch lower than someone’s knee and then thrust the shoulder and stick upwards and backwards. Did he mean to flip the guy over on his head? I doubt it. I don’t think he cared at all how his actions would turn out, and that’s the problem to me. The suspensions should be based on what types of plays they want to see taken out of the game, and this has to be considered something undesirable.