Brad Marchand is at it again and now faces a phone hearing with the NHL Department Of Player Safety. Marchand has become familiar to the Department over his career with the Bruins and this season has been no exception. This particular discussion will centre around his out of nowhere low bridge hit on Ottawa Senator Mark Borowiecki. There was no penalty on the play at all which is amazing to me. With two officials and the puck close by I don’t understand how no one thought to at least call it two minutes for interference. I think that would have been the right call at the time and anything more would have been unjustified based on the rulebook. Yet this definitely deserves a suspension because it’s such a needless play that could have been much worse. I’m having trouble making an objective ruling mind you because I find the video so amusing. I mean first of all, who does that? Marchand of course, and because it was him it’s kind of funny. Plus it’s just so out of nowhere. One second Borowiecki is just there skating along, and before you can comprehend what just happened, he’s inverted. I’ve chuckled every time.
Really though, this suspension shouldn’t be all about this incident. Marchand is a repeat offender and it’s time for the league to say enough is enough. I’ve already written about the role of the Department Of Player Safety here. The league has obviously not done enough to take these ideas out of his head so 5-7 games isn’t outrageous. Does the incident warrant that? Probably not, but in a league where there are routine 2-3 game suspensions for otherwise clean hits with no intent to injure but happen to nip the head, 5-7 games for repeated, blatant disregard for player safety seems reasonable.