The Cincinnati Bengals showed the true meaning of sportsmanship on Monday Night Football. In a game with massive playoff implications for his own team and so many others, they put all of that aside and stood for what was right.
After missing(see shanking, butchering) a potential game


winning field goal with no time left, the Denver Broncos appeared to also be robbed of a second chance at certain victory in overtime. Having taken the first possession in the extra quarter, the Broncos put up a field goal and only needed a stop to win the game. The defence obliged by getting to Bengals back up quarterback AJ McCarron and forcing a fumble. It was a close, quick play and the officials ruled it an incomplete pass, which can happen. What’s inexcusable is that the booth review upheld the call! McCarron was as outraged as anyone and put it upon himself to set it straight. On the very next snap he graciously stepped aside and allowed the ball to fall to the ground where the Broncos could recover, giving them the hard earned victory. McCarron even injured his wrist diving to block any teammates from interfering.