The decision every one is talking about from NFL Sunday is the Patriots choosing to kick off after winning the overtime coin toss. Something that hasn’t been mentioned is the decision to head into halftime by running 1:57 off the clock and leaving two time outs on the table. Tom Brady is a wizard in the two minute drill and they have the best kicker in the league. A field goal would have gone a long way to giving the Patriots something positive heading into the half.
I understand just taking your losses and adjustments at half time. No one is able to make in-game tweaks better than Bill Belichick. It’s just certainly not something Patriots fans are used to anymore. But Belichick is willing to do whatever he feels is right at the time and that’s what makes him a winner. What to take from that is it shows an extreme lack of faith in the offence, and makes the overtime choice consistent to his methods and all that much less surprising.