There’s been a lot of defence of Odell Beckham Jr since his one game suspension that saw him miss a critical last stand for the Giants last week. A lot of it centres around possible events and comments prior to and throughout the game. In regard to the debacle and one game suspension, Giants coach Tom Coughlin has been quoted as trying to teach his player to “fight through it” by keeping him in the game. “It was a consideration, but I want him out there to win the football game.”
It’s been spun as wise, seasoned coach allowing a player to fight his own demons in the moment, and the team did in fact respond. They erased a 35-7 deficit, but eventually fell 38-35.
So really the only bad thing you might get from those quotes is that he put winning above what was best for his player in the moment, and that is softened by his “let him fight through it” routine, like he actually thought about it.
So imagine my surprise when I was reading more on the subject and found this New York Post article from December 21st:

Odell Beckham Jr should expect suspension

The most unnerving quotes basically summarize that Coughlin wasn’t even fully aware of the situation. He had no idea it was his star player that was taking the penalties. This takes the picture of a veteran coach who sized up the scenario and decided on the best course of action, right or wrong, and obliterates it into a picture of a coach who has checked out of the season. This is the way the Giants played as a team this season,

and it’s the kind of leadership they were following. This second look at the state of the sidelines certainly answers more questions than it raises.