While it will take an eight game miracle for the Colts to make the playoffs this season, I almost wish it would happen just to see what they’ll do next.
With head coach Chuck Pagano already labelled for the chopping block, many are blaming Colts GM Ryan Grigson for forcing Pagano’s hand in most of the bonehead decisions to try and cover his own stupidity. If that’s true (and it seems like it is), Pagano finds himself in a unique situation. Knowing he’s likely going to get canned either way, AND being in a position where he wouldn’t want to remain anyway, he could really do whatever he wanted with no real consequences. Those, it seems, have already been decided.
At this point in week 17 he could basically try any play, put any player anywhere, and take a lot of chances just for the fun of it. Even if they win today, they have to hope at least SEVEN other teams lose, so why not go out with a bang? 4th and 34 from your own 1 yard line? Go for it! Andre Johnson to Colby Fleener for an 80 yard strike? Worth a shot. We’re talking standard issue video game “I can just hit the reset button if I blow it” type of moves.
If they win and actually get all the help they need to make the playoffs, as I coach who’s days are numbered
I would then keep on doing whatever I wanted until someone physically removed me from the sidelines.
They’re a better team than they’ve been able to show, even heading into today with a fourth string quarterback (look how that turned out for the Patriots all those years ago).
Pagano should make this Sunday his final “if you had let me do it my way this is what could have been” statement.