Jannick Hansen of the Vancouver Canucks became the third player this season to be fined for embellishment (diving) after being tripped up by Tampa Bay defenceman Nikita Nesterov on . Nesterov got two minutes for interference but the power play was off set by a two minute minor for the acting job. On top of the penalty, he was handed an automatic $2,000 fine for a second offence.
I think this call in the Tampa game was the right call. I’m actually not sure Nesterov deserved a penalty mind you. He did impede the progress of Hansen, but Hansen also had the puck. The stick does go where the feet are but Hansen doesn’t keep his feet moving to draw a call. Instead he goes for the difficulty of 1.5 off the short platform.
On the other hand, I kind of disagree with the first offence from a November 4 game against Pittsburgh that earned him a warning. In that case, a stick clearly goes between his legs and it almost looks like he tries to squeeze it between his feet. When he does that, he loses all balance and goes down. It was pretty dumb, but I don’t think it was a dive.
In both cases, what does lead a person to see it as a dive is the lack of compete shown by Hansen. He looks soft on both plays and that’s what earns him the soft calls against.