With a recent report about the NHL and female officials, up crops the age old argument of whether men’s hockey is better than women’s hockey. Until people from either side look at it the right way, I don’t think they deserve to answer the question. It always ends up in a fight of can women handle competing with the men physically and I have no idea why. Not every woman is asking to play in the NHL against the men.
The question is can we make the women’s game as marketable as the men’s.
A good starting point would likely be to transform the women’s game to be truly comparable.

There are two differences between women’s hockey and men’s hockey that are easily made equal.

1)The women’s game looks less professional and it has nothing to do with the way it’s played, the uniforms, or the ability of the players. It’s the cages. The full visors. Either force the men to wear them or let the women take them off and use half visors or none at all. Until we allow the elite women’s game to look like the elite men’s game, it’s not fair to compare.

2)The women’s game is amazingly intense for a game that doesn’t allow full body checking. Open it up and let them have at it.

This isn’t to say I have a problem with the women’s game as it is. Intensity – check. World class players – check. Great role models and ambassadors
– check. US/Canada rivalry – check.

The women’s game has this:

Video: S.O.S.

And this:

Video: TheRealestVideos

Unless the men’s and women’s games are made exactly the same,
don’t bite into an apple and expect it to taste like an orange.