John Scott should have been the highlight of this year’s NHL All Star game and now he’ll likely never get the chance. After being voted in by fans in an idiotic protest of an idiotic selection process that actually saw him named team Captain of the Western Conference, the former Arizona Coyote was shipped off to the Montreal Canadiens and sent down to the minors.

Obviously this move is a little suspect. The league was clearly doing everything it could to try and push Scott under the rug and when nothing else worked, used this desperate last option. We should all be enraged right? (Cue Simpsons mob storming Bettman’s office). But there are two things about this trade that need to be looked at a little deeper by everyone.

Firstly, what the hell could the league have offered any Eastern Conference team in return for taking on John Scott and holding him down until after the All Star break? I don’t have the time or resources to dig for that answer  but I’m looking forward to the inevitable report when it does come out.

Secondly, while the league is definitely to blame for the situation  and for actually going through with the measures it took to keep John Scott out of the game, I’m calling You out for forcing their hand and putting them in that spot. You know who You are. I don’t mean the people who voted for John Scott in the first place. That’s just something you do when things are out to a fan vote. The NHL was stupid to take something as meaningful to a player as an All Star selection and reduce it to what it’s become and I’ll argue and fight against that, but this year that’s what it was and the people have done what they’ve done. No, I’m not talking about them.  I’m talking about YOU. The incessant whiner. The one who can never be pleased. The one who has all the problems but none of the answers. You who cried “the All Star Game is  an embarrassment and I’ll never watch!” You who then cried “3 on 3? What were they thinking? I’ll never watch!” You who cried “how do they pick the players? They should let us pick!” And then when they did cried out “John Scott is a captain?? Just further shows how stupid this whole thing is. I’ll never watch!”  You are the stupid one. You are the one who caused, no, who ASKED FOR all of this. You never even gave the 3 on 3 format a chance to fail before mocking it. You went on a tirade about John Scott being selected. Then when the NHL tried to have his participation squashed, You led the save John Scott campaign. At this point You should have been excited to see how a player like Scott would make out from the onset. You should have been saying “Finally! A reason to watch. It might not be the reason I was hoping for but it’s something. A human interest story. Wife. Kids. One on the way. Let’s root for this guy.” But instead You pressed so hard for his walking papers that the league had to act. Now that it has, don’t even pretend to be disgusted. I’m not one of You. When the NHL announced the 3 on 3, I wrote this: Why the NHL All Star Format Will Attract A Higher Viewing Audience.  When John Scott was originally being attacked, I wrote this: John Scott is Just Another Player.  Now that John Scott has been traded, I’m writing this: Don’t You dare complain about it. Don’t You dare have the audacity to say “the NHL screwed John Scott out of playing! I’ll never watch!” It doesn’t affect You. You were never going to watch anyway. All You’ve done is just ruined it for the rest of us.