Chris Harris Jr. of the Denver Broncos has ruffled the feathers of a few Patriots fans with comments on how to defend revolutionary Tight End Rob Gronkowski. In an interview with SportsCenter earlier this week, the cornerback recently detailed his plans to target Gronk’s knees. To some, this has fuelled a fire of premeditated attempt to injure. Of course, after steamrolling through the first of the season at 10-0, the Patriots went 2-4 to finish up as some season long injury issues accumulated to the point where they could no longer cope.
The biggest scare was probably the Rob Gronkowski injury in week 12 against, you guessed it, the Denver Broncos. Gronk took a low hit late in the fourth quarter and missed several games with a knee injury. The game also resulted in the first loss of the season, followed by the less than convincing finishing stretch.
Patriots fans know all too well the sting of missing Gronk long term. Part of his injury history includes season ending knee surgery after an excruciatingly difficult to watch low blow back in 2013. So to hear someone come right out and say that’s what they’re trying to do would make any of us cringe.
The thing is though, what else are you going to do? The rules essentially don’t allow for any hits from the neck up, not that anyone can reach his neck. He has seemingly extendable arms that allow him to reach down for the lowest passes all the way down to the ground without ever breaking stride or changing the plane of his head.
You’re never going to be strong enough to tackle his torso and not have him drag you 15 yards down field.

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Also, the Patriots seem to have had his uniform special ordered from Baby Gap. His jersey doesn’t stretch enough to get a hold of and his pants are always hanging down so that his exposed hips simply slide away out of your grasp.

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The only thing left is to chop him down like a tree. Both legally and strategically it’s pretty much your only shot.

Chris Harris Jr. isn’t being malicious, he’s just trying to not get Gronked.