Article: Is There More (Meaning Less) To Tom Coughlin’s In-Game Decisions Than Advertised?

The day after I wrote this, Tom Coughlin announced his resignation. It came as a shock to most, but he’d mentally resigned at least a few games before that, as noted. Ok, I technically wasn’t right, the New York Times was, but I knew there had to be more to it. (I linked to the NYT article in my original article)


Article: Zach Sill Shouldn’t Be Suspended For Free Angling Lesson

The day after I scratched out this analysis for less than a hundred people, Kerry Fraser wrote a proper article for millions of people saying the same thing. That’s confirmation enough for me.


Article: Dylan Larkin: Dylan Larkin Leads The Calder Race So Far

A week after I wrote this, the Hockey News did a spread calling him Jonathan Toews. Toews himself lost the Calder trophy to Blackhawk teammate Patrick Kane in 2007-2008. Excepting a supernatural resurgence from Connor McDavid, the main competition for Larkin (aka Toews) is Chicago teammate Artemi Panarin. You wouldn’t pass Toews over for a teammate a second time, would you? Give Larkin, an NHL All Star mind you, the trophy.


Article: John Scott Just Another Player

Ok. How could a guy whose hands and head are only for fighting possibly survive in a 3 on 3 situation against the best of the best? Who could predict John Scott would perform so well at the All Star game? Umm, this guy. Almost a month ago.


Article: Why The New NHL All Star Game Format Will Attract A Higher Viewing Audience

“On Monday, NBC reported that the All-Star Game turned in a 1.17 overnight rating — a 24 percent increase over last year’s 0.94 rating — to set a new record for the best ratings of any NHL All-Star Game in NBC Sports history.”

The above quote is taken from this Fox Sports article from February 1st.  Case rests.


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