Article: This Could Be The Happiest Day In The Life Of Chuck Pagano

I can’t believe he agreed to sign back onto that slow train wreck (apparently specifying it as a slow train wreck means it’s a disaster you can see coming and still have time and options to prevent it. Colts in point). I thought for sure this was his going away party and I wanted him to strut his stuff. He’s voluntarily stifling himself and I judge him for it. I obviously either completely misread the dynamic in the front offices of the Colts organization, or completely misread the life goals of Chuck Pagano. Either way, I was wrong.


I Was Wrong is a regular feature of Tough Call Blog that reviews my not so accurate monthly predictions and analysis. It is released on the first day of every month.

Also look for I was Right, a regular feature that reviews my accurate predictions and analysis. 


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