Here we go again. The old “who’s the greatest NFL quarterback” debate has been in full swing since, well, week 4 of last season pretty much. Most of it centres on why Tom Brady is or isn’t the greatest. I tried to ignore the hype of the AFC championship game but that didn’t go so well for me. It was Deflategate this and Brady that (from both yay and nay). It completely clouded the beauty of what could have been the last battle in the friendly war between Brady and Peyton Manning, and what was apparently one of the greatest games I’ve still never seen.

We all wept as Tom wept. We all felt the support from his wife. We all took comfort in the embrace of his children. Now, following Bill’s lead, we’re on to next year.

Some of you are not on to next year. Some continue to drag Brady into an equation that doesn’t even have a solution.

Let’s stop comparing people to Tom Brady just for four days. Is that too much to ask? His season is over. Let it rest. Let’s not even compare quarterbacks at all. Let’s not talk about Deflategate, HGHgate (someone had to say it), or talk about who the greatest is. Let’s celebrate both Super Bowl quarterbacks and talk about how great football is!

Let’s talk about Peyton Manning. This may be the last time we ever get to watch him play a meaningful game. Forget career stats. We’re talking about one of the smartest minds in the game. The King of the audibles. The calm control. Enjoy the next 4 days watching him handle the media, and take the time to really savour the moments in the game when it looks like there’s only two people on the field: Peyton himself, and whoever he’s passing to. It’ll happen. Don’t miss it.

Try and remember the man at the helm of the NFC rep. Remember Cam Newton? The guy who gives away his touchdown balls to the fans? He’s won a few games this year as well. Here’s a guy who’s so athletically talented, he could take the ball 100 yards down the field without ever letting anyone else touch it. Take notice of his pace, his energy, his confidence, the fury of his game.

Don’t compare Newton to Peyton. Don’t compare Peyton to Newton. You’ll never be able to connect the dots. Don’t ruin your weekend talking about what each one can do that the other can’t. End that sentence four words early.