Jean-Gabriel Pageau of the Ottawa Senators took Dion Phaneuf into the boards by pushing him from behind. I can’t comment on that because I really don’t like Phaneuf. What happens next is much worse anyway.

Two Leaf players, including Nazem Kadri, came to his defence and let Pageau know they didn’t like it. Ironically, in order to show him pushing someone from behind isn’t the way to go, Kadri took his stick and two handed a hard cross check into the neck and head area of an unsuspecting and defenceless Pageau from behind. Pageau’s head was literally inches from the glass.

This is just as dangerous as what Pageau just did, but in the mob mentality most people are yelling about the terrible hit from behind (which it was, it was numbers all the way and a pretty dumb thing to do), and most likely encouraging the knock out blow because he “had it coming”. This was two and a half minutes into the game. Two minutes for boarding on the hit from behind (good call), no call on the retaliation(horrible tone setting).

You might be saying to yourself that this really isn’t worth talking about, and you’re probably right. There was no injury, it happens all the time. Deal with it. Fair enough. It’s apparently so inconsequential that I can’t even find a video of it. But let’s compare this to what everyone IS talking about from this game, which is the Mika Zibanejad elbow to the nose of Tyler Bozak.


That was a little graze, but because it caused an injury to the head it will be looked at as dirty. Don’t get me wrong, I think Zibanejad has to be in control of his elbow and he’s responsible for that injury via his carelessness, and I’ll be honest that I’m actually a little torn here. Compare that elbow to Kadri’s cross check to the head. If you had to have one of those things done to you once every work day for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?