Most of what’s being said about Cam Newton is related to how he performed after the game, and not on the field. After fielding a handful of questions during a post game press conference, Newton simply shut it down and walked/stormed/sulked/(insert synonym here) away.
He’s opened the door to a lot of criticism about sportsmanship and maturity.

Put yourself in his shoes. He’s had an MVP year with not a ton of adversity. He’s never been in the Super Bowl before, the biggest stage of his profession, and he gets bombarded. I thought his running ability would see him through the tougher times, but either he didn’t get a chance or just plain had his will removed. The Denver defence wasn’t just unstoppable. I consider the 2015-2016 Denver side the greatest defence of all time. That debate is for another article though.

Take yourself back to the first time you reached Mike Tyson in Punch Out. I know most of you probably used the cheat code to reach him at first, so that’s even worse. You finally figured out how to put a slamming on Soda Popinski last week and you’re the cock of the walk. Someone gives you the code and you decide you’re ready, so you skip ahead. Bam. Match over in what, 15 seconds? You’re dumbfounded. Caught off guard. But now that you understand, you go right back to it. Zlop. 10 seconds. You type in that cheat code about 10 more times and get thumped over and over again. Next thing you know you’re on the ground with your head in your hands, cheesies all over the room, controller in three or four pieces. Now imagine a microphone in your face at that moment, cameras on you, some suit who’s never fought Mike Tyson asking what went wrong. That was Cam Newton’s Super Bowl.

The guy has flair and passion. That’s all it is. His highs are really high and his personality makes those moments way more fun. The downside is, his lows are low too.

The bottom line is Cam Newton is good for football and I’m sure we’ll see him in February again.

Personally, I’m more concerned about Peyton Manning’s press conference.
He’s contemplating retirement,
he’s set a record or two, and he’s just won the Super Bowl as an underdog. His short term plan: copious amounts of Budweiser. Don’t be a sore loser, but have at ‘er, kids.