Victor Hedman got a little heated after the referee assisted on a goal against in Tampa Bay’s 4-2 loss to the San Jose Sharks earlier tonight.

After the goal, Hedman shot the puck down the ice, in the vicinity of the referee, who promptly tagged Hedman with a misconduct penalty.

Sportsnet reported this as a game misconduct, but the NHL website simply says “misconduct”. If it’s considered an abuse of official penalty, shooting the puck is an automatic 3 game suspension according to rule 40.3.

I would daresay this was just a shot down the ice, and shouldn’t go any further than the call on the ice. Let it be a lesson to you kids though. Don’t put yourself in a place where the ref has the opportunity to make that call, right or wrong. If you don’t shoot the puck in anger, the shot can’t be misinterpreted.