Jerome Iginla had a goal called back tonight against the Montreal Canadiens, and I couldn’t agree more with the call.

Montreal netminder Ben Scrivens was most definitely outside the blue paint, but he had established his position long before Iginla even entered the picture. He clearly makes contact and prevents Scrivens from making a save.

In fact, Iginla was assessed a penalty on the play for goaltender interference.

The only hope for argument is if Iginla was pushed into Scrivens. He did have position on the defenceman, but that contact was very light and in my opinion, had no impact on Iginla as far as backing into Scrivens. Iginla did that himself.

Like I said, the official was so sure of it that he even gave a two minute penalty.

For those who think Scrivens sold the contact and feel back, I would say the contact just happened at a bad time. Scrivens was in the process of shifting his weight backwards slightly to absorb the puck, and Iginla gave him a light knock during the transition. Get down in a squat, shift your weight onto your heels and then straighten your legs slightly. See how much it takes to knock you backwards.

This is definitely no goal. The penalty was probably a bit harsh.