Radko Gudas was featured on Tough Call less than a week ago for throwing a highly questionable hit to the head on Daniel Catenacci of the Buffalo Sabres. Read – Is the League Sending The Wrong Message? Gudas was issued a charging penalty, and there was no further discipline from the league. Thanks to this inaction, here he is again for the same reason just four days later.

On February 16 against the New Jersey Devils, Gudas took a match penalty for an unnecessary hit behind the play on Devils player Bobby Farnham. While this isn’t nearly as vicious as the head shot to Catenacci, I would argue that it was more predatory in nature. The puck was well up the ice, and had been for some time. Farnham was already involved with another Flyers player. Gudas goes very out of his way to get involved at all, and obviously his sole intention was to inflict some sort of hit on Farnham.

Not only is it blatant interference, it’s also the extreme example of a non-hockey play. This had absolutely nothing to do with the game of hockey or the play at the time and should be the exact kind of confrontation the league wants to eliminate from the game.

Add to this that it was the second time in 5 days the same player took a similar penalty. The league dropped the ball big time when it didn’t send a message for the Catenacci hit. They should slap him with a 2-3 game suspension for this one. It may or may not stop him from repeating, but they should give it anyway. It should make him at least think twice about it, and they then set the tone for a longer suspension on a second offence.  Imagine what message the league could have sent here had they acted properly after the Buffalo game.