In a chippy NHL Stadium Series game between the Minnesota Wild and Chicago BlackHawks, the most talked about incident is one that to me seems like a standard issue hockey play.

The term “hockey play” gets thrown around very loosely these days, but to me it’s anything that falls within the rules and has something to do primarily with the puck, as in not away from the course of play.

In the second period, Chicago’s Michal Rozsival caught Minnesota’s Jason Zucker with an open ice hit at the blue line, and was handed a 5 minute interference penalty and game misconduct.

If anything, the major penalty and game misconduct to me was rather harsh. Rozsival kept himself in control, stopped striding, didn’t extend, and basically let Zucker run into him.

The only thing I could possibly say is that Zucker does appear to hit Rozsival’s elbow, but at the very worst it should have been a questionable two minute minor and not even a hint of a hearing.

The League has recently announced there will not be a hearing in this case, and they got this one right.




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