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John Tortorella is questioning the need for the coach’s challenge. The Columbus Blue Jackets Head Coach (that title by default gives you basically zero credibility) actually may have a point.

What he’s saying is what’s the point of having a review if you still get it wrong?

The conversation stems from a goal against Boston Monday night. Bruin forward Loui Eriksson had his foot well inside the crease when the puck entered the net, and Torts challenged that his skate affected Blue Jackets goalie Joonas Korpisalo’s ability to make the save. I agree with him.

Korpisalo was well inside the crease,
and Eriksson didn’t have position established at all. He stuck his foot out, preventing Korpisalo from extending his leg to stop the puck. As insult to injury, Eriksson was actually credited with the goal as the puck went of his leg before going in.

I find it hard to believe that they missed this on a slow motion replay. There’s no need for a penalty here. Just take the goal away and move on.

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2 thoughts on “Tortorella Wants Coach’s Challenge Gone

  1. On the view from the refs position you can see Eriksson’s skate bounce off Korpisalo’s pad. Looks like interference to me. But what does the rule book say? Do you think the refs just thought that there wasn’t much contact and so Korpisalo should have been able to make the save anyways?


    1. I’m not 100 percent on what the rulebook says. To me, if this kind of contact happened outside the crease it would be a different story. I have no problem with letting attackers go inside the crease, but the goalie should be able to establish his position in there wherever he wants. Eriksson’s skate was in the way, and he alone is the one who put it there. My no goal decision comes from two things: 1)But for the actions of Eriksson, Korpisalo would have been able to get his leg there. Nothing else was preventing him. 2)Eriksson wasn’t entitled to that space at that time.


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