Toronto Raptors Kyle Lowry was called just a few minutes ago for a flagrant foul on Andrew Wiggins after Wiggins fielded a rebound and tried to put it back.

Lowry was clearly going for the ball and unfortunately Wiggins had body position. Lowry ended up inadvertently grabbing
Wiggins from behind and taking him
down by the front of the shoulder.

This was just a nice inside battle that Wiggins won with smart positional play. There was no malice, no extra effort to really draw a hard foul.

If basketball wants to gain any further respect, the NBA needs to give defensive players more leeway on what they can do to stop a shot without slowing down the action so much for foul shots.

This was definitely a foul, but not even close to a fragrant.

It’s especially frustrating when just a minute later, Terrence Ross was called for a technical foul and tossed from the game. This T came off a mid court dribble with no call on contact from a defender causing Ross to lose his dribble. In trying to recover, Ross stumbled into the defender, knocking him over. In that case, again, why call anything?

It was incidental contact that knocked Ross off stride. Even though it’s in the rules, I wouldn’t have called it. But then don’t blame a guy who’s off balance BECAUSE of that contact for stumbling forward into the player who created that contact.

The overall inconsistency of the officiating over the course of this entire game is really taking away from what should be an entertaining, close, exciting showcase of the NBA product.