Have you ever watched something in regular time and not really understood what you saw? It happens to the play by play announcers all the time. But after a replay or two, or in Glenn Healy’s case, six, they usual pick up on it.

Richard Panik made an absolutely unbelievable assist on Dennis Rasmussen’s game winning goal. Since the announcers didn’t really say anything at all, I feel I need to make sure everyone knows.


Video: NHL

The Hawks were probably guilty of icing, but the linesman was all over the play, well positioned, and loudly confident in the call. If he was wrong, he certainly didn’t know it. And after what happened next, who cares?

Panik won a battle and fended off two Capitals defenders by putting his skate directly on top of the puck. With incredible balance and control, he actually made a mini deke with his foot by pulling the puck towards himself. Then he literally threw the puck with his foot. He didn’t kick it. He threw it. With his foot still on top of the puck. From the corner all the way to the top of the crease. Right on the tape.

I thought it looked funny in real time, like an unusual kick. On the second replay it was clear what had happened. By the third replay I saw the little foot pull deke just before the pass. By the fifth replay, the announcers were done talking about the icing no call and referred to it as a “heads up” play. That was it.

I implore you to watch the replay and come up with your own way to describe it when you tell all your friends.