Zac Rinaldo of the Boston Bruins was given a 5 game suspension for his hit on Cedric Paquette of the Tampa Bay Lightning in what appears to be an endless cycle of grease or be greased.

Video: Eric Burton

Some might say he just mistimed it and if Paquette had just been going a little faster, Rinaldo would have hit him cleanly.

Bullshit. Rinaldo took a good line on Pacquette, was in complete control, and could have easily shifted to target the body. Furthermore, Rinaldo was up so high that even if he was lined up properly with the body, his arm still would have gone over the shoulder of Paquette and into the head anyway.

Either Rinaldo is the worst clean hitter in the entire league, or this was a predatory hit.

By current Department of Player Safety standards, 5 games is a big deal so good on them. By the standard of trying to eliminate this nonsense from the game, 5 games is still a touch lenient, but we’re getting somewhere.