Article: Don’t Compare Quarterbacks; Celebrate Them

All season really, but especially leading into NFL playoff Championship Weekend, football fans were not doing themselves proud. It turned into a type of pre-election campaign. There was no appreciation of which quarterback would excel, but an all out attack focused on which one would suck the most ass. I tried to stifle the negativity with my article. During SuperBowl promo week, I even said about Peyton Manning: “Enjoy the next 4 days watching him handle the media, and take the time to really savour the moments in the game when it looks like there’s only two people on the field: Peyton himself, and whoever he’s passing to. It’ll happen. Don’t miss it.” Who else said that? Not many at all, not because I was the only one who thought it, but because most of whoever was hoping for Peyton spent the whole week shitting on Cam Newton instead of pumping Manning’s tires. It’s also interesting to note that after the SuperBowl, most of the “Newton for MVP” camp shifted over to the “Newton is a douche” category, following the negative herd. Some people never learn I guess.


Article: Hedman Puts Ref In Bad Spot

In summary of Viktor Hedman being dinged for shooting the puck after the whistle, I argued that even if what he did wasn’t misconduct worthy, he gave the ref an opportunity to make a sketchy call by making the sketchy decision to shoot the puck in the first place.
This ended up being proven twice more in the next week, as first Brad Marchand was tagged with a misconduct for the exact same thing (see Marchand Misconduct: You Win Some, You Lose Some). In another game, Paul Maurice was famously ejected from a game for not so kindly explaining to the officials why they should never have been born, among other things (see Thoughts On Maurice Ejection). While some people have said worse things I’m sure, and sometimes the officials let it slide, he put them in a place where they had the choice to make the call at all. You take your chances.


Article: Is Gudas Non-Suspension Sending The Wrong Message?

My initial reaction toRadko Gudas’s hit on Daniel Catenacci was that he needed to be suspended for no other reason than to prevent someone else from doing a similar thing. Turns out, it was Radko Gudas himself who proved me right. In a game he should have missed while serving a suspension for this hit, he ended up taking a match penalty for a cheap interference shot on Bobby Farnham (see Department Of Player Safety Misses The Boat Again). Again, no suspension was issued. This is extra curious since in Decemeber Gudas was suspended 3 games for an illegal hit to the head, making him a repeat offender.
Not only did Gudas not learn anything, but incidentally, Bobby Farnham was suspended 4 games in January for, of all things, interference, the very same thing Gudas got away with here. The cycle continues.


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