Article: Therrien Isn’t To Blame, But He’s Not The Solution

At the time I wrote this, Therrien had done basically nothing positive or negative. He was a spectator.  Literally within days of this post, PK Subban was in/famously benched against Colorado, and shit hit the fan.  Really, his inaction up to this point made him more of a target for blame anyway, making me somewhat wrong from the start. Adding in a huge decision like benching a star player that could go either way, and he was at least going to be part of something.  Is it a solution or a problem. Only time can really tell, but in my opinion his time should be up. I’m now willing to argue against my earlier self on this one.


Article: Should Dennis Wideman appeal 20 suspension?

I think Wideman deserves his 20 games and I’ve maintained that since minute one, which you can find on other posts on this blog. Now, while I still say he shouldn’t have appealed because he was just plain guilty, I’m actually glad he did. He’s exposed a massive problem with the system. There’s no way the process should be as flawed or delayed as to have a man serve 18 of his 20 games before an appeal decision is made.  Sure, he’ll still get his salary back if they reduce, but it does two things. One, it could possibly come to what amounts to wrongful imprisonment. IF they do reduce the suspension, he’ll have served time he can never get back.  Two, if they maintain his 20 games, he won’t have had a long amount of time to reflect on the decision and actually feel like he’s being punished because he was guilty.  All of these games he’s missed, he’s still talking about why he isn’t to blame, and he’s trying to convince everyone of that.  So to spend all that time believing you’re right and being in that mindset, once a decision is made, he’ll really only spend two games trying to grasp the finding.  By then, mentally he’ll be focused on returning to playing and not even realize he was punished. No matter what the decision at this point, both parties lose. The point of the suspension has been completely lost in the proceedings.



One thought on “I Was Wrong: February Corrections

  1. I, and I’m sure everyone else, am really curious to see when this neutral arbitrator actually renders a verdict. How close to or far from the 20 game marker will he finally have a decision. I think at this point, as you state, the integrity of this entire policy needs to be re-evalued. It’s playing out perfectly for the NHL. They have plausible deniability at this point. But it’s been a few weeks now that this case has come across his desk. Can there be this much relevant information that he needs to deposition in order to reach a conclusion. This whole process is creating far more questions than it’s actually answering.


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