Holly Holm was the loser in an upset at UFC 56,298 last night, falling in the fifth round to Miesha Tate.

Even though she was 9-0 at one point, Holm didn’t get her 15 minutes of MMA fame until reconfiguring the face of the untouchable Ronda Rousey(12-0 up to then) and taking some title or other.

Holly “The Preacher’s Daughter” Holm (rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it?) has followed pretty much the same path, having a 10-0 run spoiled by the upstart Tate, now only a semi-respectable 18-5 by the standards of the other two.

Will her post loss path be the same though? Rousey, the darling of the entire universe and the only female MMA fighter according to any UFC press release to that fateful day, was still the whole focus after that free lesson by Holm.

Will she be the benefactor of the same sort of community outreach program Rousey experienced? Will anyone offer Holm support, advice, and free professional fighting lessons? Will fans cry for an immediate rematch? All early indications point to not so much.

You see, after Holm’s upset, so far all anyone can talk about is…..Ronda Rousey. The one time I saw anyone bother to mention Holm at all, it was to say how neither Tate nor Holm should be proud of anything in that fight, and they can’t match the talent of Rousey at her peak. How quickly we forget. Through no fault of her own, Holm will fade back into the oblivion she was surrounded by before her Rocky Balboa moment.

It’s too bad, too, because she’s really a great fighter.