With the upcoming College Basketball March Madness Tournament coming up, this month’s Historical Call comes from the 1989 Tournament.

1989 saw the 11th straight NCAA tournament appearance by the Georgetown Hoyas, featuring freshman Alonzo Mourning. Their consecutive appearance streak would eventually stop at 14.

North Carolina State boasted a roster that had three players who would later have their jerseys retired by the school. In 2012, this 1989 squad would also be honoured with North Carolina State’s first ever “Wolfpack Unlimited” award.

When these two teams clashed in the Sweet Sixteen, it didn’t disappoint. Down by 16 at the half, NC State rallied back in true March Madness fashion and trailed by just three with two minutes left and possession of the ball.

At this point, Mourning found himself with 4 fouls. NC State’s Chris Corchiani took the ball off a give and go, and drove right at him. Mourning’s foul trouble showed in how cautiously he defended the play, and Corchiani took only minimal contact in making the huge field goal. Yet the basket was immediately waved off as the official called Corchiani for a travel. Go to the 6:00 minute mark of the video for the controversial play.


The replays aren’t as good as the angles we have today, but if there’s a travel here, I can’t find it. In such a pivotal moment that deep into the tournament, I’m shocked Corchiani didn’t get the benefit of the doubt.

I shouldn’t be though. The very nature of this tournament makes it a hotbed for blown calls. Check in every day during the March Madness tournament for your daily dose of Historical Call: NCAA tournament Edition.