It was the regional semi finals of 2005.  Number 5 seed Villa Nova was making a strong case for a National Championship.  There were real flashes of invincibility at times throughout the season, and they took that into this game against number 1 seed UNC.

Heading into the final stretch of the game, Villa Nova was only down by three, and pressing. Jake Felton had already fouled out, and UNC was definitely on the ropes.  Nova looked to be rewarded when Allan Ray forced his way into the key and put up a hard basket to cut the lead down to 1 and possibly drawn a foul as well.  The referee did blow his whistle, but it was to nail Ray for a travel, negating the basket and giving possession to the Tar Heels. They held on for the 67-66 heart stopper.

I’m going to let the guys in the video explain what they saw because I agree word for word.

Video: ApolloFraser