The 2015 “First Four” game between Dayton and Boise State was everything you could hope for in College basketball. The March Madness tournament is an incredible ride, and teams would do just about anything to qualify. Neither of these two schools were going to go down without a fight.

Down by 1, the Broncos did everything right in the final seconds and gave themselves one last shot for the win.  Derrick Marks took the inbound in the corner, got himself free, and put up the three. Even with the final 5 seconds ticking down, Marks had the presence of mind to make sure he got Kyle Davis to attempt a block. Having first drawn severe and obvious contact, he put up what turned out to be an air ball.

Video: Dakota Thompson

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this not called a foul before. Somehow, the officials either didn’t notice or didn’t care, which brings up the toughest part of this Tough Call.

The NCAA for some reason decided to allow this incredibly crucial game between Dayton and Boise State to be played on Dayton’s home court.  No matter how the game ended, this was asking for trouble.  I’m not questioning the integrity of the officials here, but having such a blown call will spark these rumours, and the NCAA has only itself to blame.