Ed Cooley probably wishes he had been a little harder on the chair. Then at least he may have felt he’d earned his technical foul.

In the 2015 NCAA March Madness Tournament, Providence was battling underdog Dayton late on a Friday night.

With his team down by eight, Cooley tried to take advantage of a media timeout to motivate his guys. He started to address them, and instead of taking a seat in the chair in front of them, he decided instinctively to demonstrate how he felt by knocking it over.

The officials took great offence to that and demonstrated how they felt by issuing a technical.

I can’t believe that in this game, in this moment, the refs were even paying attention to what the benches were doing. It was an intimate moment between coach and players.

I also can’t believe the restraint Ed showed on the furniture. He didn’t slam that chair down any harder than a kid would who’s about to use it as part of a fort. If he truly was upset at the officials and they thought that was his way of telling them what’s what, I’m not sure why they wouldn’t have burst out laughing instead of issuing a rather harsh penalty to a team already on the ropes.

While still “recent”, I’m pretty sure this will go down as one the worst calls in tournament history.





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