For today’s historical March Madness Tough Call we head back to 2013, and we actually stay away from the officials this time.

The toughest call here comes not from a zebra, but a Wildcat. Specifically, Kansas State head coach Bruce Weber.

What should have been a shoe in for Kansas State over the upstart La Salle Explorers turned into what also could have been one of the best comebacks of the 2013 tournament. La Salle led this game by as many as 18 before self destructing down the stretch.

K-State came all the way back and actually took a lead. It took clutch free throw shooting by La Salle in the final minute to leave the Wildcats needing two points to tie as the clock was dying down. With possession of the ball and one last gasp of hope, Wildcats player Angel Rodriguez found himself in the corner in front of his own bench. With less than a second left, coach Weber tried to call a timeout. At the same time, Rodriguez lobbed up a brick to nowhere in particular. The timeout wasn’t given, and the game clock expired.

La Salle escaped its collapse.

I’m surprised this timeout was left essentially unused. The way State was shooting down the stretch (they didn’t score a single point in the final 2:25, and only 1 point in the final 4:54) Weber probably should have looked into setting up something a little more high percentage once he saw the ball being dribbled in the exact opposite direction to the basket and less than 5 seconds.

He almost took responsibility, saying
“I guess it’s my fault. I waited too long.” Here’s your sign.