Jonathan Drouin will be a healthy scratch for the Syracuse Crunch after missing a team meeting.

Enough is enough.

I don’t mean on his side. I mean on all of yours. This isn’t “one more reason he shouldn’t be allowed to play hockey”. This doesn’t make him “an ungrateful brat who thinks he’s better than everyone else”. It’s a mistake. A mistake that he attributes to an alarm clock issue. Sound familiar?

I can’t help but notice how different the reaction is to that story coming from Drouin. The Universe practically imploded when Alexander Ovechkin was made a scratch by the Washington Capitals for missing a practice when he set his alarm clock for PM instead of AM. I’m not comparing Drouin to Ovechkin. I’m just comparing the way people really got so passionate in both cases. They both missed a team function. They both got scratched. That’s just what you do. Way too much is being read into this.

The Crunch are fine with it. They love him. The Lightning are still very interested in him. I’m not sure his attitude is a big issue to anyone.